The Pure Language of God

On this website a method of gematria has been used in which sentences composed of root word spellings for either Hebrew, or less often Greek words, have been used to determine numerical values. The total numerical values for the sentences which restate Biblical truth regarding what is written concerning Jesus repeatedly total 888, 1480, 2368, and 3168; the gematria values for Jesus, Christ, Jesus Christ, and Lord Jesus Christ, respectively, in Greek. Not only does the method of gematria that I have used give confirmation of Scriptural truth when specific numbers are deliberately sought, but it has also been shown that randomly found numerical values are associated with words of the same value which are directly related to the sentence.

Does this method of gematria used throughout this website also confirm the dates of specific historical events? It is beyond comprehension that this could be possible. The modern numbering of years was not devised until 525 AD, and did not come into wide use until after 800 AD, and yet words from Scripture written many years before give confirmation of historical events concerning the nation of Israel, God's chosen people. The modern State of Israel was established in 1948. In Scripture it is prophesied that God will return His chosen people to the land which He promised to Abraham. Click on "1948 and 1967" below for a link to a pdf. file which confirms the truth of Scripture in regard to the modern nation of Israel.

1948 and 1967​​

1948 and 1967: