The Pure Language of God

The Bible is the only source of absolute truth regarding God and His relationship to man. On this website a remarkable association of the numerical value of words that are used in sentences which are consistent with scriptural truth support this claim. Words which have equal numerical values to that of sentences which correspond to the truth proclaimed in the Bible, when each word used in the sentence is the root word spelling of the word in either Hebrew or Greek according to Strong's Concordance, provide confirmatory evidence of Biblical inerrancy. The evidence is clearly demonstrated in my book, Evidence of One God and One Truth. I accept the Bible as inerrant. However, as someone with significant education in science, I have interpreted the Genesis story of creation in such a way to accommodate what is known through science regarding the origin of species. My views in this regard are much like those of the eminent physician-geneticist and Christian believer, Dr. Francis Collins. Dr. Collins was in charge of the government sponsored Human Genome Project and presently serves as the Director of the National Institutes of Health. His book, The Language of God, shows that DNA is the language of creation, and it points toward an evolutionary process through which all life forms were created, including man. As a Christian, I believe that this process was set in motion by the Creator who remains active in the lives of men.

When I began to use gematria to evaluate Scripture, my primary goal was to find evidence to prove that what is written in the Bible regarding Jesus Christ as the only way unto salvation is true. I was hopeful of discovering a way in which to bridge the gap between faith and reason. One example of this chasm is the virulent disagreement caused by disparate opinions regarding the Genesis story of creation. The conflict between science and faith has not always been present in Christian thinking. Those who insist upon a literal interpretation of the Genesis story of creation should consider the words of St; Augustine which were written 1600 years ago:

Usually, even a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the other elements of this world, about the motion and orbit of the stars and even their size and relative positions, about the predictable eclipses of the sun and moon, the cycles of the years and seasons, about the kinds of animals, shrubs, stones, and so forth, and this knowledge he holds to as being certain from reason and experience. Now, it is a disgraceful and dangerous thing for an infidel to hear a Christian, presumably giving the meaning of Holy Scripture, talking nonsense on these topics; and we should take all means to prevent such an embarrassing situation, in which people show up vast ignorance in a Christian and laugh it to scorn. The shame is not so much that an ignorant individual is derided, but that people outside the household of the faith think our sacred writers held such opinions, and, to the great loss of those for whose salvation we toil, the writers of our Scripture are criticized and rejected as unlearned men.... Reckless and incompetent expounders of Holy Scripture bring untold trouble and sorrow on their wiser brethren when they are caught in one of their mischievous false opinions and are taken to task by these who are not bound by the authority of our sacred books. For then, to defend their utterly foolish and obviously untrue statements, they will try to call upon Holy Scripture for proof and even recite from memory many passages which they think support their position, although they understand neither what they say nor the things about which they make assertion.
• St. Augustine, The Literal Meaning of Genesis, translated and annotated by John Hammond Taylor, S.J., 2 vols, pp. 42-43, (New York: Newman Press, 1982).

After discovering abundant gematria evidence which confirms what is written in Scripture concerning Jesus, I then felt guided by the Spirit to use the same method of gematria to evaluate passages of Scripture related to creation. I composed sentences using root words taken from the verses in the Bible pertaining to creation, and also sentences which merely state what I believed to be true from my faith and my scientific knowledge. The gematria associations which I discovered were truly remarkable. If one accepts that gematria findings regarding the truth of Jesus and other aspects of Christian doctrine confirms truth, then one should seriously consider that gematria evidence regarding creation gives confirmation that an alternative interpretation of the Genesis story is also reasonable. It may be difficult for the reader to believe, but the gematria findings related to creation which can be found in the link below came to me in just a matter of days. I did not attempt to arrive at specific numerical values, and in almost every instance I did not know what words would have the calculated value of the sentence. As done for all other examples on this website each sentence is composed of only the root words as indicated in Strong's Concordance. The associated individual words having the same value as that for the sentence are often alternate spellings of the same word. The reader must determine for himself if the gematria correlations are the result of coincidence, or proof that God used the laws of nature which He alone established to create all life, including man.

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