The Pure Language of God

In the first chapter of my book, Evidence of One God and One Truth, I wrote that the gematria evidence which I have recorded is the result of intermittent brief periods of inspiration which have guided me to certain passages of Scripture or specific topics of biblical teaching. After initially completing the book, I felt inspired to use gematria in the evaluation of various passages of Scripture which are related to a variety of doctrinal subjects.

The method of gematria which I have used involves the determination of the gematria value for complete sentences of scriptural truth that are written using only the root word spelling in Hebrew, according to Strong's Concordance, for each word in the sentence, and not the grammatically correct Hebrew translation. Then, associated words in Greek which are found in the Bible, and which have the same numerical value as that of the sentence, reveal a remarkable association with what Scripture proclaims. Below are links to  pdf. files of the additional gematria evidence not included in my book, to which new gematria findings are added as they are discovered. 

Holy Scripture

Before Abraham was I am

Believe in Jesus

Saved by Grace

King of Glory

Sons of God

Jesus is Faithful

Light of the World

The Great Commission

The Birth of Jesus

The Anointing of Jesus

Cleansing of the Temple

Palm Sunday


The Messiah was Despised and Rejected

Jesus Laid Down His Life

The Empty Tomb


Joseph of Arimathaea


Jesus is Better

The Shema

The Righteous Branch

Feeding of the Multitudes

Zechariah 12:10/Revelation 1:7

Noah and the Flood

Jesus Christ the Corner Stone

The Blood of Christ

Walk in the Light

The Only Wise God

Partakers of the Inheritance

Jesus the Son: Creator, Head of the Church, and the One Who Reconciles

The Births of John the Baptist and Jesus Foretold

One True Doctrine

The Last Words of Jesus Upon the Cross

A Place Called Calvary

Gematria and 1John Chapter 1

Our Advocate and the Propitiation for Our Sins

The Name of God Almighty

The Wise Men and the Star

One God and One Lord

One God and One Mediator

God Was Manifest in the Flesh

Image of the Invisible God

One Sacrifice for Sins Forever

The Last Supper

In the Fullness of Time God Sent His Son

A Lively Hope

All is Vanity

Risen with Christ

The Story of Jonah

The Kingdom of Heaven

Both Lord and Christ

The God of Both Jews and Gentiles

Caught Up in the Clouds to Meet the Lord

The Antichrist, the Man of Sin

Jesus Christ, the Firstborn

The Son of Man has the Power to Forgive Sins

The LORD Said To My Lord

The Lord is Merciful

Jesus Fulfilled the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms

Jesus Christ the Righteous Judge

God is Love

Gematria in Relation to Modern Culture

The Great Tribulation, the Rapture, and Judgement Day

Who is a Liar, but He that Denies that Jesus is the Christ

The Word of Life

The First Epistle of John