The Pure Language of God

 A Pure Language of Numbers

There has been much speculation

If you have come to this website it is likely that you are seeking truth in regard to the nature of God and whether or not Scripture reveals that truth. This homepage is simply an introduction to the evidence which can be found in the numerical value of words which confirms that there is one God and one Truth. The evidence is presented in a complete book which is available for free as pdf. files for each chapter which can be downloaded on the “Book” page. Both the believer and the skeptic will be amazed at the remarkable numerical associations which prove that what is written in the Bible is true. For those seeking truth, the entire book is a must read.

concerning a "Bible code" which has been exploited in literature and movies. Could there actually be a code which makes it possible to find hidden truth in Scripture or prove Biblical inerrancy? Approximately 1600 years ago St. Augustine wrote: Ignorance of numbers, too, prevents us from understanding things that are set down in Scripture in a figurative and mystical way. (Augustine, Saint, On Christian Doctrine – Book II Chapter 16 Available [Online] Gematria, which involves using the numerical value of words has been employed to study Biblical text in attempts to find hidden truth.This is made possible since Hebrew and Greek, the languages of the Old Testament and New Testament, respectively, both use the characters of the alphabet as numerals. As a result each letter and therefore each word has a specific numerical value in addition to a specific meaning.

     There are a number of ways in which the numerical value of words from Scripture have been used to study the Bible. Jewish rabbis used gematria to evaluate Scripture and believed that words and phrases of equal gematria value were associated. Christian Bible scholars have used gematria to demonstrate perfect geometric patterns associated with the numerical value of words from Scripture. Others have shown that there is a remarkable correlation between words and phrases from Scripture which have the same numerical value or multiples of a specific numerical value. More recently, some have used the numerical value of words from Scripture using English where each letter of the alphabet is assigned an ordinal number instead of Hebrew and Greek. In the more commonly used methods of gematria it is thought that only the exact words used in the original translation of Scripture will offer valid gematria associations. I am not an authority in any of the widely used methods of gematria, and I am illiterate in Hebrew and Greek. Also, I am not a Biblical scholar. However, circumstances of life affected me such that I had prayed for enlightenment regarding the truth of Holy Scripture. (I have made available for free download on this website a book which I wrote regarding the events that compelled me to pray for enlightenment. The book can be downloaded from "A Personal Story" page.) I felt guided by the Holy Spirit to use gematria, despite my ignorance of the methodology and the languages, to evaluate that which is written in the Bible.

     The method of gematria which I have used involves the calculation of the gematria values for phrases, and more commonly, complete sentences of scriptural truth that are written using only the root word spelling for each word (usually in Hebrew, but occasionally in Greek.) The sentences taken from Scripture can be the same words that are found for a verse, paraphrased passages of Scripture, or simply sentences which state that which is proclaimed in the Bible. I first discovered gematria associations by composing sentences in this manner of "pseudo-translation" related to what is written in Scripture pertaining to Jesus. In doing so, I found numerous instances in which the numerical values for the sentences computed to 888, 1480, 2368, and 3168. These are the gematria values for Jesus, Christ, Jesus Christ, and Lord Jesus Christ written in Greek. While attempting to arrive at these predetermined numerical values, I then found an amazing number of associated words with randomly calculated gematria values.

     In the Old Testament book of prophecy, Zephaniah, there is a verse that says: For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent. Zephaniah 3:9. The Hebrew word for "turn" can be translated in several ways, and indeed, in various translations of the Bible it is translated as "return," "restore," and "give." Gematria experts insist that the original translation of Scripture be used when determining the numerical values. However, this is a problem, because the original translations of much of the Old Testament was almost certainly written in paleo-Hebrew (see Wikipedia - Paleo-Hebrew Alpahbet), an ancient form of written language which is far different from Biblical Hebrew, and still different from the accepted Hebrew translations of Scripture that were not standardized until the middle ages (see Wikipedia - Bible translations), and from which translations into Greek, Latin and eventually English and other languages are taken. In addition, there is significant variation in early Greek translations of the New Testament, (see Wikipedia - Textus Receptus). Although the translations are amazingly similar, differences have been found. Since there are differences in the translations, how can anyone know the one translation which holds the only truth which can be confirmed by numerical values? Perhaps the language of God is the language of numbers, which can be found in all words; a pure language, irrespective of rules of grammar. If this be so, then the truth which is proclaimed in the Bible might be confirmed through the numerical value of words in a variety of ways. Although the numerical value of words may be a way to demonstrate the divine nature of Holy Scripture, the true "pure language" which God promised to give is the truth of Scripture which prophesied the coming of a Messiah in the Old Testament, and proclaimed the Gospel message in the New Testament that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of that prophesy. Whatever translation of the Bible is used, those who acknowledge this truth of Scripture, the "pure language," will then call upon the name of the Lord.

     On this website I will present gematria evidence which I have recorded, not as the result of any wisdom on my part, but only as I was inspired to discover confirmation of truth through the Holy Spirit. The method I have employed does not use the actual translation with the spelling of words according to proper grammar, but only the root words in Hebrew or Greek for each word of appropriate meaning as identified in Strong's Concordance. One may say that this method is invalid, but the numerical confirmations of truth are simply remarkable. Each person will have to determine for themselves if this is a coincidence of astounding proportions, or evidence for Biblical inerrancy.  

     The gematria examples which will be shown on this website will include the Strong's number of each root word that is used in a sentence such that anyone so inclined can see for themselves that I have used only the primary spelling of each word, and that the appropriate word in either noun or verb form is used. This can be ascertained by referring to either of the two websites which I used: E-Sword and The first website has free software which can be downloaded with the King James Version of the Bible showing the associated words in Hebrew and Greek according to Strong's Concordance for each verse. The second website also lists the numerical value of every spelling of each word that is used in the Bible for both languages, and the words of the "original" translations as well. 

     It has become my belief that numbers are the language of God and truth is revealed by the numerical value of words. Furthermore, I believe that the Bible is the only source of absolute truth. If these two assumptions are correct, then it is reasonable to suspect that the numerical value of words which state scriptural truth should provide evidence to confirm what is written in the Bible. That evidence is provided by the gematria associations which I have recorded and demonstrated in the book which I have written and is made available without cost to whomever is interested. The book is titled: Evidence of One God and One Truth. Proceed to the "Book" webpage and by clicking on the Chapter in the Table of Contents a link is provided to a pdf. file for that Chapter. It is expected that my claim of gematria which uses only root word spellings in a phrase or sentence being able to reveal hidden truth in Scripture will be met with great skepticism. Before the reader reaches any conclusion I would advise one to read the entire book and consider the amazing gematria confirmations of scriptural truth.

Below are the gematria tables for the values of each letter in the alphabet for both Hebrew and Greek languages.