The Pure Language of God

I mentioned on the Home page that "circumstances of life affected me such that I had prayed for enlightenment regarding the truth of Holy Scripture." It is my belief that I received an answer to that prayer which guided me to use gematria and has led me to the discovery of hidden truth in the words of the Bible. The "circumstances" which compelled me to seek enlightenment was an amazing demonstration of God's compassion toward me in a time of deep despair. I had lost my 26 year old son to suicide which was the result of a longstanding clinical depression. My son had not accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, as far as I knew, at the time of his death. This caused enormous sorrow to me as a Christian father who was concerned for the eternal soul of my son.

Miraculously, in answer to my prayer for assurance that my son had been saved, the very next day I was given assurance through the unexpected discovery of pages from a journal which my son had written several years earlier along with a Bible in which he had placed bookmarks for numerous verses. As a result of receiving a message from God which provided comfort in my hour of need I was compelled to write a short story concerning my son, and give praise to a compassionate God. I was drawn closer to God and became convinced that He had a plan to use me in some other way. After continuous prayer for enlightenment, guidance, and direction as to His plan, it was approximately eighteen months later that I was then overcome with the inspiration to use gematria in regard to Scripture.

The story of my son and the amazing answer to my prayer for assurance of his salvation is free to all who wish to read it at the link below.

Link to: An Answer to a Father's Prayer

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