The Pure Language of God

Gematria of Easter

Accepting the Biblical narrative regarding the story of Easter as truth is essential to the Christian faith. True Christianity involves the belief that Jesus is the Messiah who was promised in the Old Testament prophecies to be a Savior sent from God. He is the Son of God, and Son of man; both fully human and fully man. To become the Savior of the world Jesus laid down his life as a sacrifice to make atonement for our sins. Jesus did not just die on the cross however, he arose again to life and has promised that those who believe on him shall be saved and will also be raised in the last day.

The story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is proclaimed in the Gospels of the Bible. Skeptics have claimed that the narrative presented in the Bible is simply an effort by the authors of the Gospels to create a story which conforms to the prophecies of the Old Testament concerning the Messiah. Gematria, however, offers a different perspective on the truth of the Easter story. Click on the link below to a pdf file of an exposition which demonstrates a plethora of numerical word associations which confirm what is written in the Bible regarding the events of the Easter story, which is essential to the Christian faith.

Gematria Confirms the Easter Story to be True